MRAT - Multi Router Automated Telnet


Welcome to the new home of MRAT.  I have taken over the management of mrat as it is no longer available from the original author.  I had made some of the suggestions and code to improve it, so will now maintain it.  Please send patches, comments, enhancement requests to

MRAT allows you to make the same configuration changes on multiple Cisco routers in a short time by automating the telnet process. It's very useful if, for example, you have 45 different routers and want to change the configuration on them and then back it up to a tftp server without any user interaction.


 Here are all the original versions of mrat that I have, future versions will also be released here.

mrat-0.63.tgz Yes, the 0.63 version has finally been found!





mrat-mod.tgz a modified version that removes passwords, read README2